What does it mean to move forward in your career?

What does it mean to be better at work? It means figuring out how you work best, who you work best with, and how you can leave the best impression. It means becoming someone others want to follow—whether or not you’re in a “leadership” role. BETTER AT WORKTM is about creating better teams, who even in moments of conflict, focus on their common goal of excellence—not on each other’s quirks. It’s also about embracing each other’s quirks when they appear.

It’s about asking different kinds of questions to get different kinds of answers. It’s about enlivening your team by focusing on possibilities instead of problems. It’s creating a place that makes you say, BETTER AT WORKTMis not parking the best parts of yourself outside your workplace door and jonesing to get home again. It’s bringing the best parts of you to the job.

“That was a day well spent.” It’s a way of working without zapping the energy you need to live.

Putting more of yourself into it, utilizing your strengths, gifts, and skills and knowing you’ll be appreciated there. It’s a community of learners and leaders who understand that well-being is not a conflict of interest with the bottom line. And that you can be a leader, who values well-being without being a doormat. It’s caring about the bottom line and your approach to achieving it.

It’s building an organization where people manage their own careers and get the support they need to grow. Even if it means they leave some day. Because they may leave some day. But then again, they may boom-a-rang back. It’s not about willpower. It’s about finding the way forward. And once you know the way, oh, wait ‘til you feel the energy. Wait ‘til you feel the momentum you can sustain. Better at Work can help you and your organization find the pathways to achieving excellence, using strengths-based, scientifically-rooted, forward-moving processes.

The change can be exhilarating. You can be Better at Work.